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Started by Admin May 01st, 2021 at 16:01
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May 01st, 2021 at 16:01
Hello members ,

We would first of all like to thank everyone who participated in out Beta Test of this website and would like to share our gratitude immensely ,

If it was not for everyone who participated we would not know how to run this website with a full 100% attitude to move forward and give members more ways to advertise and earn .

So full re cap ,

We run the site on beta testing for 6 months with full payments and you are free to look them up, we had a few issues with people multi-accounting and not reading the forums on when the site was closed for payments but all round it was a great test ,

Now that we can successfully feel safe to continue making payments 100% and run smoothly after the COVID-19 break .

We hope to hear from you all in out forums and thanks for earning at EZPZBUX ,

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