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Rented Referrals Added
Published on Oct 18th, 2021 03:40 am

Hey team ,

So we had some request come threw for rented referrals to be added to our site so we did the work and now they are available,

All members will be available for rent in this option,

This means that when you are renting referrals you will be getting other users just like yourself who are clicking to earn on our website,

We hope opening this option was a good move, so now it’s time for you to show us it was !


Point System And Exchange ( UPDATED )
Published on Oct 14th, 2021 01:54 pm

Hello there team  ,

Today we have some updates on our point system and how you can benefit from it !

Here is a layout of how you can earn points ;

Standard Members ;

Points per direct referral

Points per OfferWall Task Completion

Points per ptc click

Points per forum post

Points per PTSU completed

Points per dollar deposited

And if you would like to cash out your points into purchase balance feel free too !

Points per dollar for conversion to purchase balance

Example: 5000 points = $1

Premium Members ;

Points per direct referral

Points per OfferWall Task Completion

Points per ptc click

Points per forum post

Points per PTSU completed

Points per dollar deposited

And if you would like to cash out your points into purchase balance feel free too !

Points per dollar for conversion to purchase balance


Example: 4000 points = $1

Take advantage of this system ladies and gentlemen,

We do not mind a healthy amount of post coming threw our forum and with the extra points being granted for each post why not get the most out of it !

Enjoy  thumbs up

CPX Offerwall Changes For The Good
Published on Oct 10th, 2021 09:50 am
Hey Team,

Today we are happy to announce that we have made some small changes to CPX Offerwall to help out members earn more,

From now on you will be rewarded bounce if you make it into a survey and it kicks you,

The reward will be 1 cent per kick  clap

We hope this can encourage our members to start using the offerwalls,

Just remember we also have the Offerwall competition going and this could be a major advantage to some,


Offerwall Contest Launched
Published on Oct 01st, 2021 11:55 am

 Hey Team  

Today we launch our Offewall Contest,

We are proud to announce that we will be offering prizes for the top 5 earners on our offerwalls each month  clap

1st Place : $10
2nd Place : $5
3rd Place : $2.50
4th Place : $1
5th Place : $0.50

Each winner will get there prize in Purchase Balance dance2

This gives our members a chance to earn more and get a FREE month of our Premium Membership  pray

As this is our first Contest we will closely monitor this for any changes we may need to make in future  Contest,

We hope you enjoy this new feature added and can use it to its FULL potential.

Much Love
EZPZBUX Admin   thumbs up

PTSU Offers And Points Launched
Published on Sep 28th, 2021 06:21 am

Wassup Team  Cool

Today we launch our PTSU ads,
We have added points available for purchase on out advertise page boogie and members can now start sharing our there websites for sign up offers !

50 Credits : $1.50
100 Credits : $2.50

Each point is equivalent to 0.01 cent

PTSU Deal as high as 0.15 cents

We can add higher denominations if anyone would like just shoot us a ticket threw support,
We hope you enjoy this new feature added and can use it to its FULL potential.

Much Love
EZPZBUX Admin   thumbs up

CPX Offerwall And Referral Commission Updates
Published on Sep 26th, 2021 03:43 pm

Hey Team   Cool

Today we have made some big changes to our CPX Research Offerwall and our Referral Commissions From Offerwalls has been added !

So for starters CPX Research Offerwall has been increased MASSIVLY to allow our members to earn HEAPS MORE !

Offerwall Commission Information

For Standard Members they will earn 1% for all offerwalls task's completed by there downline on all of our offerwalls !

For Premium Members they will earn 2% for all offerwalls task's completed by there downline on all of our offerwalls !

This could be huge for you and your downline.

More updates coming, stay tuned  dance2

Much Love
EZPZBUX Admin   thumbs up

Traffic Exchange Updates
Published on Sep 25th, 2021 09:37 am

Hey Team  big grin

Today we have made some big changes to our traffic exchange,

For Both Standard and Premium Member Traffic Exchange Ratio Will Be 2:1

So you only need to see 1 website for 2 traffic exchange points,

Here are a list of bonus’s that are also available while doing our exchange ;

10 PTC Credits; After 20 clicks every day

30 Banner Ad Credits: After 30 clicks every day

10 Points: After 40 clicks every day

0.1 Purchase balance: After 50 clicks every day

60 Featured Ad Credits: After 60 clicks every day

70 Featured Link Credits: After 70 clicks every day

100 Banner Ad Credits: After 80 clicks every day

90 Featured Link Credits: After 90 clicks every day

0.05 Cash balance: After 100 clicks every day

Have a great time earning and promoting with EZPZBUX

Much Love
EZPZBUX Admin   thumbs up

New And Running Website Upgrades
Published on Sep 23rd, 2021 03:21 pm

Hey Team   

We have added a new bonus for our new members when signing up.

So in total now when a member signs up they will get;

$0.50 Free
1 Day Premium Membership

This bonus ends at the 500 member mark so get in now while you can !

Along with this awesome new bonus we have also added some new advertising packages for you all to enjoy !


Much Love
EZPZBUX Admin  dance2

New Updates
Published on Sep 21st, 2021 12:26 pm

Hey again 

We have added a new membership and will continue to discuss more upgrades as we continue, we have a list of 5 memberships that will be added in total.

We have also added some specials for our new members ;

Use your 0.50 free to get started advertising today !

The two packs include ;

Starter Pack - $4.99
10000 Text Ad Credits
25000 Banner Ad Credits
25000 Link Ad Credits
2000 Paid to Click Credits


Cheap As Chips - $0.50
100 Paid to Click Credits
1000 Text Ad Credits
1000 Banner Ad Credits
1000 Link Ad Credits

Happy earning and advertising hope to see you all soon !


New Offerwalls Added
Published on May 10th, 2021 02:54 pm

Hey everyone ,

We have been working on the offerwalls and have added two new ways to earn and updated some issues that may be occurring ,

Opinion Capital

Have now been added ,

Please feel free to jump in and earn some cash for withdrawal or advertising  !!