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Next Wave For EZPZBUX

Published on Mar 25th, 2022 10:47 pm

 Hey Team ,

As you can see we have moved forward into the new era of EZPZBUX and we want to let everyone know about our new structure for the website ,

First of all we want to hit a big topic about our memberships.

We are currently looking into the best way to form a good membership structure for our members,

This will be our first update along with our deposit bonus that should commence in the next few weeks so please stay tuned for this ,

Secondly we want to hit on our RR and how the system should work for a stable grown environment for user and administrator,

We have gone ahead and purchased bots for this website but we would rather not use them, the reason for this is simple, the website only grows with active members, by adding bots it will just get over run with only few members owning lots of RR and some members only owning few RR,

So we are sorry to announce but for now we will be retaining RR from real users and revolving our memberships around them and we encourage you to get members on board to keep EZPZBUX alive and growing,

Third and foremost,

Regarding the PTP Leaderboard,

We have structured this low and adding to members purchase balance for the time begin but will be restructuring it over the upcoming weeks to be fair and add to members account balance instead this will allow all members including F2C ( Free 2 Click ) Members to earn more with our website 

We cant wait to get more things working better on this website and completely restructure it for users alike,


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