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Restructure Completed

Published on Mar 30th, 2022 09:12 am

Hey team ,

Today we can finally announce our new structure for the website,

Lets first touch base on our new MEMBERSHIPS we have on offer ;

Beginner +
Intermediate +
Advanced +

These memberships have been structured to provide fair earnings for all our members, there will be more information added on this page about certain bonus's you will get for each membership but all the information you need to start earning is available on our UPGRADES page ,

Secondly lets throw out some information regarding the RR system we now have in place,|

Each membership has its own structure for RR, so the better the membership, the better the RR you will receive. Along with this each membership can make more or less regarding the recycling prices, rental time frame and the amount of RR being purchased at once 

Third we have updated out PTP Leaderboard 

We have now made out PTP Leaderboard go directly into your account balances every week so you can withdraw your earnings 

Last order of business is our Traffic Exchange

We have made new ratio's for all members ;

Standard Members - 1:1 ratio
All other Memberships - 2:1 ratio

These ratios will be changed int he future but for now we are quite happy running like this to get it more active for our users and by also giving you some more free ways to advertise your sites,

We hope you all like the new site development and the way we have structured it for members to start earning more bank 

Hope to hear from you all soon,


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