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1 Week Deposit Bonus Offer

Published on Apr 06th, 2022 12:53 pm

Hey team  ,

As you may all know we have done some updates to the website and are now ready to offer a one week deposit bonus for all 

As we all know money matter and this is why we must make this bonus fair for users and administrators as not to disrupt the website,

So here are the deposit options for your bonuses  ;

Deposit any amount to earn one of these bonuses ;

$1000 + Deposit = $275 Bonus
$100 + Deposit = $25 Bonus
$50 + Deposit = $10 Bonus
$20 + Deposit = $5 Bonus

This offer will run from now until 13/4/2022

We hope you can all enjoy and take advantage of this wonderful deal  ,


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