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Traffic Exchange Updates

Published on Sep 25th, 2021 07:37 am

Hey Team  big grin

Today we have made some big changes to our traffic exchange,

For Both Standard and Premium Member Traffic Exchange Ratio Will Be 2:1

So you only need to see 1 website for 2 traffic exchange points,

Here are a list of bonus’s that are also available while doing our exchange ;

10 PTC Credits; After 20 clicks every day

30 Banner Ad Credits: After 30 clicks every day

10 Points: After 40 clicks every day

0.1 Purchase balance: After 50 clicks every day

60 Featured Ad Credits: After 60 clicks every day

70 Featured Link Credits: After 70 clicks every day

100 Banner Ad Credits: After 80 clicks every day

90 Featured Link Credits: After 90 clicks every day

0.05 Cash balance: After 100 clicks every day

Have a great time earning and promoting with EZPZBUX

Much Love
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