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New Updates that will have you craving for more

Published on Aug 12th, 2022 06:27 am

Hey team 👋 


We are happy to announce the new version of ezpzbux that includes some important updates:

    • Vacation mode added ( NOW ACTIVE )
    • Metamask for Binance Smart Chain added to payment gateways ( NOW ACTIVE )
    • Offeroc offerwall integration.
    • offerwall integration..
    • Custom withdrawal amount added.
    • Added Offerwall history members can find this in there account under logs.
    • Patches for some issues with Video Ads, Stripe, PTSU and rented referrals.

Please be patient as we work threw a couple of more issues regarding the PTC Ads,

Users may need to refresh the page currently to complete the next ad after doing one and we apologies for the inconvenience,

We are working hard on finding the issue,

We hope you enjoy the current updates and the ones coming very soon,

Best Regards,

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