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Huge News ( membership and RR updates with Converting Currency Name From Cash To Coins )

Published on Oct 15th, 2022 08:10 pm



Next Step For EZPZBUX


Hello team 😎


Today we have huge news about the way our website will function and what users can expect over the upcoming week,


Firstly ;


All memberships and RR will be closing as of today due to lack of interest,


We please ask that the members who have a membership or RR please let these run out as you can now not extend,


Secondly ;


Starting from today ( 15/10/2022 ) we will be converting our currency’s name from cash to coins,


This may help us improve certain levels of our website and get accepted for many more things including payment processors and enabling us to fully register this website as a company,


We hope members can understand that when this process begins we will have a few websitw shutdowns over the next week and will be in maintenance mode occasionally until we have resolved all minor issues we may face while switching this,


Each member who holds a balance will need to be exchanged there money for coins,


Let us explain more with some simple maths that we know you can understand,


$1 = 10000 Coins


So if a user is holding ;


$2.86 =  20860 Coins 


Will be granted.


We hope you can understand this and move forward with this explanation of the upcoming changes.


After starting this process of updating  the website, all payments will be put on hold until the needed time has expired for us to reopen them,


This will include changing all our features to earn from including PTC ads, offerwalls, traffic exchange ect…. Everything and anything that can be earned from ( everything 🤦 )


We know our members have faith in us and we will commit the next few upcoming days to getting this achieved and re opening the options to withdraw,


Anyone who had pending withdrawals will be paid over the next few days and as we are now beginning the process of these changes 🤓


Over the next month before members withdraw we will be asking them to send us a support ticket so we can convert there money to coins so they can withdraw the correct amount,


After 30 days this will not be an option and all remaining balances will be coins if not converted earlier,


A note will be placed on your account and if you try to cheat the system your account will be suspended,


Let’s make this a smooth and easy transition so we can move forward,




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