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Published on Oct 28th, 2022 09:12 am

Hello team 👋 

We will have another feature being added early of Monday morning so if the website does go down for maintenance this is the reason why,

We will be having some other major changes at the beginning of next week,

All ptc ads will be removed apart from a couple,

this means our daily quests will require less ptc clicks to complete the required amount,

All of our advertising prices have been re structured to give users the best experience in creating there own ads,

We will also have some more payment processors opening,

Last but not least we will be adding back our signup bonus for good,

This means promoting for referrals will be much easier,

The goal with these updates is to get members advertising more and withdraw alot more we hope you can see that we are working hard to create a safe place for members to earn and advertise,


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