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Daily Quest Re-Worked and Weekly Quests Added

Published on Oct 31st, 2022 03:23 pm

Hey team ✋


Today we have made some chages to our daily quests we hope you enjoy how easy it is to earn your credits now 👌

So the changes we have made go as followed ; 

We have added Weekly Quest For Members To Complete To Earn Even More Free Coins ( BETA TESTING STAGE )

We have made huge changes to out PTC, Video Ad, PTSU, Traffic Exchange and Clixgrid Areas making it easier and cheaper for you to advertise your own ads 📺

Along with this as promised we have also opened up a few more payment processors for withdrawals and Deposits ;


Thanks for your patience while we make these major change to the website and we will be updating you soon when we can complete some more updates and add some more features,


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