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Big Changes Today For EZPZBUX
Published on Mar 04th, 2022 10:41 am

Hey team ,

today we would like to announce a few changes we are movi...

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EZPZBUX Launches Discord Server
Published on Feb 28th, 2022 06:50 am

Hey team.

Today we would like to announce we have launched our brand new discord server ;

This is our first run for running a server for this website and we hope to hit it on the head first go,

We have sorted threw lots of things and tried to set up a very basic server on what we...

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Website Updates
Published on Feb 18th, 2022 09:40 am

Hey team ,

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Website Updates And Downtime
Published on Feb 10th, 2022 08:38 am

Hey team,

We will be doing some updates to try and improve the user experience on the website,

We will be under maintenance from Sunday 13/2/2022 10am AEST

we expect this update to take approximately 4 hours,

Once the website is back it will have the default template while we test functions and make sure everything is running correctly,

After a week of...

February Offerwall Contest
Published on Feb 02nd, 2022 05:19 pm

Hey Team ,

As our January Contest comes to an end, today we launch our Read more »

Withdrawals And Payment Proofs
Published on Feb 01st, 2022 06:33 am

Hey team,

This month we will be making some new changes in our TOS and asking that members please post there payment proofs so that we can show everyone what a great job we are doing,

This was not mandatory and we were allowing members to post there payment proofs or not,

But as of today we are making these simple changes ;

If you have been previously paid by EZPZBUX and have not pos...

Withdrawal Request
Published on Jan 27th, 2022 06:57 pm

Hey team,

Withdrawal request will be held up for a few days just while we move funds around and refill accounts,

Please do not worry they will be paid as soon as possible,

This is just something that happens when dealing with crypto currencies and having to wait for confirmations and having money in so many different accounts,

Once this is all cleared up payments will be run...

December Contest Winners
Published on Jan 02nd, 2022 06:06 am

Hey team ,

Congrats to the winners of our December Contest Read more »

Christmas Specials And Bonuses
Published on Dec 25th, 2021 12:21 am

Hey Team  dance2,

First of all we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year  thumbs up Read more »

November Contest Winners
Published on Dec 08th, 2021 06:24 pm

Hey team ,

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